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Hibachi Steakhouse

Hibachi Steakhouse | Tokyo Steakhouse II - Bartlett, IL

Few outings are more fun than dinner at a hibachi steakhouse. At Tokyo Steakhouse II in Bartlett, IL, we serve up delicious food...


Sushi | Tokyo Steakhouse II - Bartlett, IL

Our grill is hot, but our sushi is cool. At Tokyo Steakhouse II, we complement our hibachi fare with the best sushi in Bartlett, IL. Prepared...


Carry-Out | Tokyo Steakhouse II - Bartlett, IL

When you’re not in the mood to cook, and don’t want to spend the time and energy on a sit-down meal at a restaurant, carry...


Finest Sushi & Hibachi Steakhouse in Bartlett!

Welcome To Tokyo Steakhouse II

Are you bored with the restaurant routine? Tired of dry hamburgers and dull spaghetti? Put the excitement back into dinner tonight with a trip to Tokyo Steakhouse II! We bring thrilling hibachi grilling and succulent sushi to Bartlett, IL, providing you with an interactive dining experience that simply cannot be topped.

At Tokyo Steakhouse II, we not only prepare great food, but we also bring you right up to the action at our hibachi grills. Here, you can watch expert hibachi chefs grill up your dinner in front of you with chopping, flipping, sizzling showmanship found in no other cuisine. You’ll be entranced and amazed by the process of transforming a collection of fresh, premium raw ingredients into a finished meal that will surely rank among the tastiest you’ve ever had.

In addition to the hibachi grill, we also offer a full-service sushi bar staffed by some of the finest sushi chefs you’ll ever meet. You can sample a whole variety of sushi, from the traditional purity of perfectly selected and sliced sashimi, to the stylish, modern explosions of flavor delivered by our chefs’ special house rolls.

And, while it’s a shame to miss out on the opportunity to watch your hibachi dinner or sushi platter prepared right in front of you, you can always enjoy the flavors of Tokyo Steakhouse II in your own office or home. Call us to place a carry-out order, or put in a request online. We’ll have your food ready for you by the time you arrive to pick it up. Don’t end up stuck at another boring dinner, staring at another tasteless basket of bread. Make your next meal out a dining adventure. Bring your family and friends to Tokyo Steakhouse II and rediscover how much fun eating can be!