Hibachi Steakhouse

Hibachi Steakhouse

Hibachi Steakhouse | Tokyo Steakhouse II - Bartlett, IL

Few outings are more fun than dinner at a hibachi steakhouse. At Tokyo Steakhouse II in Bartlett, IL, we serve up delicious food fresh from the grill and put on a show at the same time. Sit around the grill and see your dinner assembled in spectacular fashion by our expert hibachi operators.

A trip to the hibachi steakhouse is fun for the whole family. Your children will be delighted by the fast chopping, lively flipping and quick grilling as they watch their dinners come assembled by friendly, masterful chefs, while you’ll love sinking your teeth into the tender meat and seafood that can only come from an expertly operated hibachi grill.

Our hibachi options include:
Beef and Chicken—A hibachi grill transforms your favorite meats into succulent bites that simply melt in your mouth. Experience all the flavor and juiciness this special method of cooking can impart. Order steak, chicken, or, for a special treat, our amazing filet mignon.
Seafood—Hibachi and ocean delicacies are made for one another. For meatier seafood, such as scallops, shrimp, salmon, calamari and lobster, the fast heat of the hibachi cooking style renders them fully cooked while allowing them to retain all of their firm texture and fresh flavor.
Vegetables—You’ll be surprised at how flavorful zucchini, onions, and carrots from the hibachi can be. Order our vegetable plate and enjoy a wonderful meat-free dinner hot from the grill.
Combinations—One of the problems with hibachi grilling is that you get to see everybody else’s meals cooked up right before your eyes, each more delicious looking than the last, making you wish you could just devour it all. Well, with our combination plates, you can. From chicken and shrimp to lobster and filet mignon, we offer amazing combos guaranteed to satisfy you in those times when you just can’t make up your mind.
Sides—All of our hibachi steakhouse dinners come with a full complement of delicious sides, including Japanese soup, salad, shrimp appetizer, noodles, hibachi appetizers and rice.

Hibachi steakhouse dinners are an exciting treat for everyone. The next time you eat out, come to Tokyo Steakhouse II and find out how amazing a hibachi dinner can be!