Sushi | Tokyo Steakhouse II - Bartlett, IL

Our grill is hot, but our sushi is cool. At Tokyo Steakhouse II, we complement our hibachi fare with the best sushi in Bartlett, IL. Prepared by highly trained, experienced chefs who have mastered every aspect of this intricate art, our sushi dishes strike the perfect balance between flavor, beauty and freshness.

Sushi dishes don’t always include raw fish, and whether you’re an experienced aficionado craving a sashimi fix or a nervous newbie looking to expand your horizons, our helpful, friendly servers and chefs will help you find a selection of sushi treats that you’ll love.

Great sushi options available at the Tokyo Steakhouse II sushi bar include the following:
Sushi or Sashimi—You’ll be delighted by our sushi and sashimi, featuring classics like namesake (fresh salmon), tamago (cooked egg), maguro (tuna), hokkigai (surf clam), unagi (eel), and many more.
Maki Rolls—Our chefs roll up delectable combinations of fresh ingredients wrapped in toasted seaweed to produce all of your favorite maki rolls. From light, tasty California rolls to crispy shrimp tempura rolls you’ll admire the construction and thrill at the flavor our rolls have to offer.
Chef’s Special Rolls—Our chefs have developed their own repertoire of delicious signature rolls assembled from an astonishing variety of ingredients. Come discover the secrets and pleasures of our Godzilla roll or our Dragon on Fire roll for yourself.
Sushi Dinners—If you’re looking for a whole meal, make things easy on yourself by ordering one of our special sushi dinners. Let our chefs select just the right combination of pieces for you and your dining companions.
Sides—We offer plenty of great appetizers and sides to go with your sushi. Ready your palate with a bowl of crisp edamame or a plate of fresh spring rolls. Vary your diet with an order of fried rice or tempura on the side. Or beef up your meal with a side order of steak or lobster taken straight from our sizzling hibachi grill!

If you’re in the mood for sushi done right, there’s only one place in town to go. Come to Tokyo Steakhouse II and order a sushi dinner tonight!